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Luffa Sponge
  1. Do not shower, or get wet for 5-7 hour following your appointment. For Lavish Tan Express, allow 2-4 hours before showering
  2. After your first shower, moisturize using a paraben-free lotion at least twice daily for a minimum of 1 week. Keeping moisturized ensures an even, flawless fade. Lavish Tan Extending Moisturizer is recommend.
  3. Avoid chlorinated jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms.
  4. Limit the amount of intense physical activity for a longer lasting tan.
  5. Take warm short showers and avoide baths are recommended.
  6. Avoid using scrubs and scented body wash.
  7. Apply an oil-free sunscreen before sun exposure. Lavish Tan solution does not contain UV protection.